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Haha! I really love these girls! I love the CF and their outfits are all gorgeous! Thumbs up for the new stylists! I really love to see 2NE1’s feminine side 🙂

Individual photos under the cut!

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I really love this photoshoot! Dara and CL are both looking good! Awesome!

More photos under the cut!

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I miss these girls sfm. Now I need fancams!  There’s something behind those hoodies and hats. Hmmm 😀

More photos under the cut!

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2NE1 radiated their beauty on the recent issue of Vogue Girl! Aside from the powerful charisma that they ooze on the stage, 2NE1 unleashed their hidden femininity in this photoshoot.

Stemming from Sandara Park’s past confession, “I want to do a pretty photoshoot!”, 2NE1 was able to pull off a different look from their norm through Vogue Girl.

These beautiful ladies wore skirts, laces and more. A new type of fashion that they’ve never experimented through 2NE1 so far.

2NE1’s photoshoot and interview will hold a total of 12 pages in the upcoming issue of Vogue Girl. On the 23rd, a video clip of their photoshoot will be revealed through the Vogue Girl homepage (

With their come back set for August, 2NE1 will first reunite with their fans through their upcoming Mnet reality program.

The PD for this program, Lee Sang Yoon, shared:

“Last year’s 2NE1 TV showed these fresh and newly debuted girls through a pirate broadcast. 2NE1 TV Season 2, scheduled to air on the 27th, will display a mature side of these girls. Aside from the typical reality program format, this reality program will be a step upgraded, with a chic style.”

Source: Allkpop (News) + PopSeoul (Photo)

I love this song sfm. it’s catchy and addicting! <3. But there’s no music video for this song.

Welcome to Omo KPOP!

Annyong! Welcome to my blog! Thanks for dropping by! Kamsahamnida~


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