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Mark your calendars Blackjacks! September 09, 2010, 2NE1 is back!


More gorgeous photos under the cut!

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How cute! Keke. This group picture shows love! <3. They’re so adorable!

More lovely photos under the cut!

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I miss these girls sfm. Now I need fancams!  There’s something behind those hoodies and hats. Hmmm 😀

More photos under the cut!

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Having made his long awaited comeback last week, Se7en also got himself restarted on his official Twitter account with updates after more than a year of not posting.

On August 4th, Se7en tweeted a photo update of him posing with Big Bang’s T.O.P, 2NE1’s Minzy and Sandara Park. He wrote, “Last week backstage, Dara, Minzy and T.O.P who showed their support!!Thank u so much~!! love yall~~~

Fans commented, “YG FAMILY ☆ you looks so cool together ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥,” “can you please bring the whole YG family over here on Twitter,” “You guys are one big happy family~(^^)v,” etc.

Credit: Allkpop

Aww, YG Family love! <3. They look all lovely together. I hope to see new YG Whole Family picture! Look at SE7En and TOP, so gorgeous. Dara and Minji, as always, are both beautiful 🙂

All of them looked Gorgeous and Hot. I like this style for 2NE1. More gorgeous photos under the cut 🙂

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Welcome to Omo KPOP!

Annyong! Welcome to my blog! Thanks for dropping by! Kamsahamnida~


Music is oxygen. If you don’t have oxygen you can’t breathe. To me music is something that’s always there, wherever I go it’s a part of me, without it I can’t live. It breathes with me.
— Gdragon (Kwon Jiyong)


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