In May, we announced that YG Entertainment’s founder and CEO Yang Hyun Suk’s girlfriend was pregnant. Now we are pleased to announce that his girlfriend SWi.T’s Lee Eun Joo has given birth to a healthy daughter.

At 2:01pm on August 5th in Seoul, Lee Eun Joo gave birth to a 2.78kg (about 6 lbs.) baby girl. Currently, both the mother and daughter are in a healthy state. Finally, Yang Hyun Suk and Lee Eun Joo, who have dated for the past 9 years, have become a dad and a mom.

Yang Hyun Suk is presently watching over his wife at her side and was glad that she was able to give birth without any complications in just 10 minutes. He expressed his joy, “I still can’t believe it.

In a previous interview, Yang Hyun Suk said, “Eun Joo and I have been in love for quite some time and have already considered each other to be a married couple… We both wanted to have a child and we have planned this 3-4 years ago.

It was also made known later that they have already legally registered their marriage as husband and wife although no ceremony has been conducted yet.

They join fellow celebrity couple, Song Yoon Ah and Sol Kyung Gu in becoming parents, after the former gave birth to a baby son on August 4th this past week.

Credit: Allkpop

Congratulations Mr. YG! You’re now a father 🙂 I wish you all the best~ Please don’t forget your other babies! (YG Artists) ^_^.