The filming of writer Song Ji Na’s new work ‘What’s Up’ is well on its way.

‘What’s Up’ is a campus drama that will depict the dreams and loves of students in musical studies. Im Joo Hwan, Daesung (Big Bang), Im Joo Eun, Jang Hee Jin, Lee Hyuk Soo, Cho Jeong Suk, and others have been cast early on and have been sweating bullets practicing song and dance in order to completely digest the roles of these students.

Writer Song Ji Na had been posting announcements about the drama through her personal me2day and diligently communicating with her viewers. In particular, she gathered much attention by personally announcing the casting of Daesung, Im Joo Hwan, Im Joo Eun and others as the leads. In addition, as the open audition was held through me2day, she opened an event where she personally cast the co-stars for the drama.

On July 31st, writer Song posted on her me2day, “It seems today is going to be hot too. Air conditioning = migraine, so I feel like a frog in a dried-up rice paddy,” and cheered on the ‘What’s Up’ team by saying, “But still… the ‘What’s Up’ team that has to film a chase scene today. ㅠㅠ They’ll be going through a tougher time. Fighting!”

And on July 11th, “Today is the first day of filming for ‘What’s Up’… I got a text saying filming is going well and smoothly,” and let her followers know she was involved in the filming process by saying, “But did you know? There are two directors for ‘What’s Up.’ And they are both women. Haha.”

Meanwhile, ‘What’s Up’ was originally to be aired in the second half of this year, and was going to be a part of the broadcast schedule, but has yet to receive official word. At the latest, it will be on air by the first half of next year.

Source: Osen
Translation: Seungie

Credits: Fuckyeahygfamily